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This is a great shop with brilliant service that always seem busy. You get that if the person running the shop has a passon for what they do, which certainly shows. They also have  passion for Penge and Holdsworth bikes which has a strong connection with the area.

The shop currently looks like this:

But what if:

We had some fun with the cycle rack, it could even be extended to any postcode in London.

The yellow is influenced by the yellow jersey of the Tour de France, but the colours could be changed if need be. The lines around the window and awning are  based on racing graphics from bikes and Holdsworth bikes that were based in Penge and line up if you stand in the very front of the store.

A simple system of fishing wire and bike shirts suspended in the window makes an attractive window display that can be changed or even adapted for sales by adding a sale t-shirt.

Go to to find out more about this excellent shop.

Another design for SE20 Cycles will be displayed after Easter.