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This is another design for Twangs.

We love Twangs. It’s a great local business, friendly and helpful.

It’s on a corner site in a prominent position as you enter the main high street.

Currently it looks like this.

But what If:

This is what it looks like with an awning out with a closer view of the directory for Maple Road businesses which would be aluminium formed trays with vinyl type so that they can be updated.

This is a close up of the sign, signwritten of course!

Close up of the Maple Road directory. It makes sense to group it with the sign and make it a little lower so it’s more visible and links with the road signage so it works with it as a unit.

Finally, another view of the side with the blinds retracted.

Many thanks to Peter O’Connor signs and Smudge Studio who helped with both designs for Twangs Guitars.