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The Fashion House is a very visible site in Penge. The vast expanse of wall is an opportunity to advertise the Blenheim Centre.

At the moment it looks like this:

But what if:

We commissioned a signwriter to paint a fake ghost sign for us in Harrow where we designed a 1950’s version of our North Harrow branding. It would be great to have something on the large plain wall that points to the Blenheim centre. Rather than being merely decorative it can actually have a purpose.

Under the logo on the sign is has the number and it says “Penge High Street’. Be proud of where you are (we know technically it should be High Street, Penge, but it reads better this way).

Here are some close ups of the  signs.

Each part, ladies, mens and childrens gets it’s own colour.

Another design for the Fashion House follows tomorrow.